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The Creative Writings Of Ed Lemberger… Nickname: Eddy J

Thanks for visiting!  Enjoy your time here.  Here’s affirming that you find something of interest and benefit to you as you explore the creative works of Eddy J Lemberger!

You’ll find sports songs, kids songs, crazy songs, serious songs, spiritual writings, empowerment writings.  Heck, you might even wonder where the guy who wrote the “I Love My Green Bay Packers!” polka got all of these crazy (and not so crazy) ideas.  Well… The mind works wonders and a wonder you are!  Here’s a motto I’ve coined: “It’s your mind… Make sure it’s you that’s using it!” Have fun! Be blessed!

A morsel of musing:

The mystical thing about a thought is that you can’t hold it, taste it, smell it, see it. You can only experience it. And when you find an idea that resonates with you, it can bring all of these senses out through you as a kaleidoscopic sensory demonstration. A journey within shining outward. An expression of sensory flow that subtly teaches and releases another morsel of the mysteries of life. You are the traveler. Kick back and experience the journey that flows through you!!